Lauren Conrad
Credit: Instagram/laurenconrad

Confession: We've been obsessed with Lauren Conrad's picture-perfect Instagram feed for quite awhile now. So much so, that we asked the star herself to spill the beans on how she filters her photos in a recent interview. While mum was the word back in February, she has finally decided to share her Instagram secrets on her website.

In the post, she offers up tips on everything from her favorite feature on the Instagram app to how to get the right crop and composition, but her biggest reveal? Brace yourselves: She doesn't often use Instagram filters at all. "When Instagram first became popular I think everyone went a little filter crazy," she writes on her site. "I often take a step back and see if I even need a filter at all."

Instead, Conrad turns to her favorite editing app, Snapseed. But if she does decide to use a filter, she admits that she mostly uses Nashville or Valencia.

Finally, the mystery has been solved. Happy snapping!