Credit: Instagram/@colettejewelry

Set your sights on just about the most precious thing ever: Kiki, the kitten seen on Colette Jewelry’s Instagram, modeling alongside some of the brand’s finest new gems. Owned by French-Mexican designer Colette Steckel, the gray British shorthair is a new addition to the family—and already has a thing for diamonds.

Colette Jewelry is known for intricate stone-studded pieces including star-motif ear cuffs, flower pendants, and heart-arrow rings loved by celebs Katy Perry and Rihanna. Most of the pieces are made from Steckel’s workshop in Los Angeles, though she does work in Paris and Mexico City as well. Always mindful of fresh inspirations, Steckel produces collections that are constantly evolving; her upcoming pieces are shown off in Kiki's most recent photos.

Here, we find an up-close and purrsonal moment of Kiki with a black diamond bow earring, which she holds in her left paw:

Credit: Instagram/@colettejewelry

The piece, from the Atame collection, resembles a ribbon intertwined like knots and represents how couples share their lives, Steckel tells InStyle. “For me, that’s a relationship—you become one.”

Named after luxury fashion brand, Kiki de Montparnasse, the cuddly cat was a recent Christmas gift given to Steckel’s daughter, Victoria. “My husband, Adrian and I got Kiki from a breeder in California—we knew she was the one after seeing how awake and playful she was,” says Steckel. Her family, including two sons, Alexis and Reuben, also has another cat of the same breed, Coco (named after iconic designer Coco Chanel) and a Chihuahua, Chloé (named after French fashion house Chloé).

"Kiki is around jewelry all of the time—and just like any other girl, she loves diamonds," says Steckel, whose hand is seen below wearing three white diamond-encrusted wedding bands and playing with the feline.

Credit: Instagram/@colettejewelry

“Most of the wedding pieces are classic, but they have more of an edge,” Steckel says. The above rings, from the Azúcar collection, were inspired by "how love hurts."

In the picture at top, the chic feline pays close attention to the details of a flower-motif bracelet from the Les Fleurs collection. Steckel says, “This piece was made to look like a tattoo when worn on the wrist, and it took six months to create!"

"Next, I'm planning on making a little gold name plate for Kiki's collar," Steckel says. "Everyone is so into her and loves her photos on Instagram—she's going to be the pet of my brand."

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