By Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker
Mar 26, 2014 @ 1:40 pm
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This week we're channeling our feline fancy with a look at some kitty-themed items at Storenvy, the online marketplace and shop builder that showcases the work of independent and emerging designers. One of their most popular offerings is the Put a Cat on It collection, which debuted last fall (other collections include Do the Daria, The Dream of the 90's).

Created by the site's merchandising team and one particularly avid cat fan, Nima Khabiri, Put a Cat on It features a rotating inventory of more than a 100 adorable cat-festooned items including art prints of space kitties, cat iPhone cases, cat-unicorn hybrid sweatshirts, and hologram cat earrings. There's plenty of purrrfect tees too, like the best selling Paris Méow shirt.

Khabiri, who came up with the idea and name for the collection and who owns a quirky black cat named Milli, is partial to the newly listed Cat Tint 5 Panel Hat from the Brooklyn design outpost Mokuyobi Threads. It's just the latest  addition to her personal stash of cat goods. "I probably own more cat things than I should admit," she says. "I'm sure that makes me sound like a crazy cat lady, but at this point. I'm just going to own it." Us too Nima, us too.