Credit: Julia Wine

Before you doze off to a sweet slumber, slip on a feline-inspired sleep mask by Julia Wine. These charming cat-motif pieces simply have us dreaming of catching some Z’s right about now.

Ukraine-based artist Julia Ivashchenko—who goes by the name of her Etsy shop, Julia Wine—is the designer behind the mask. Currently living in the city of Kiev with her husband and three year old son, both named Victor, Wine has dedicated a studio in their apartment where she creates one-of-a-kind items including handmade accessories, jewelry, toys, and home décor, to sell on her online shop. The eye mask styles have become one of her most popular pieces, adored by cat-lovers across the globe.

Credit: Julia Wine

“My Persian Angora cat, Honey, is my inspiration,” Wine tells InStyle. “She’s 10 years old now and is very cute with her white fluffy fur—you can often find her hanging out with me while I work.”

Each eye mask is composed with three layers: an inner surface made with smooth tissue (that’s comfy on the eyes), a middle layer lined with fleece, and an exterior with a fun fabric such as patterns filled with stars, florals, or polka dots. Many are also finished with lace or crystal embellishments and evoke an animal-inspired theme.

Credit: Julia Wine

“The design of a new sleep mask may be a painting, pattern, or illustration project—it takes about three days to concept and varies around a few hours to make the mask itself,” says Wine. “Since each item is made separately and by hand, it always comes out unique in some way.”

Credit: Julia Wine

Started as just a hobby, Wine opened her shop four years ago when she was actually looking for a position in psychology and then computer graphics, both fields in which she had studied in. “During that time, I started my own business, and it gave me a creative purpose in life,” says Wine, who began selling her designs in local stores before venturing online.

“I like to get away from reality and plunge into the world of childhood, colors, and fantasies," she says on her website. "Sure, the job is not always easy, but the best part is that I feel free and love what I do."

Credit: Julia Wine

Satisfy your feline fixation and shop these adorable sleep masks from Julia Wine ($15) and check out her other items ($8 to $95) at