By Isis Briones
Oct 01, 2014 @ 2:30 pm
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Nadia Benchallal

Paris Fashion Week is wrapping up, but you can still explore the City of Light (accompanied by some glamorous felines!) with an eye-opening new book, Parisian Cats.


Written by journalist Olivia Snaije, the 128-page read also includes breathtaking photography taken by Nadia Benchallal. With the hype of endless shows and street style spotting during the past week, there wasn’t much time to delve deep into the French culture. But luckily, the Paris-based author captured an extraordinary tour around one of fashion’s most beloved capitals and its famous four-legged locals.

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“I enjoy how each neighborhood is different and has secrets waiting to be discovered. There are hills, rivers, vineyards—in short, great diversity,” Snaije tells InStyle. Get ready to experience the city through the eyes of 19 unique cats, each sharing their own endearing story.

Nadia Benchallal

One of our favorite felines included is Mickey—who once stumbled from a local café into Le Select, one of the city’s most-well known brasseries. Since 1923, the hot spot has been a local favorite to the artistic crowd, including Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Henry Miller, and Ernest Hemingway. Historically, city cats were kept around for pest control, and Mickey proved his skills as an excellent mouser. In fact, he eventually worked (or should we say clawed) his way to fame during his stay, and received postcards and care packages from visitors all over the world. You’ll even find a framed portrait of him right at Le Select’s bar!

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Nadia Benchallal

Another furball we love is Fa-raon, a Sacred Cat of Burma who found a home in the celebrated hotel Le Bristol Paris through its CEO, Didier Le Calvez. His idea of elevating luxury was to bring a cat to the five-star hotel. The sweet-natured feline is known to crave companionship, and he exceeds this reputation by continuously extending his paws to the hotel’s most esteemed clientele—he has participated in a photo shoot with Cate Blanchett and was featured in Japanese documentaries about Paris.

Nadia Benchallal

We guarantee you will not only fall in love with these irresistibly adorable characters, but through each cat’s enlightening history, you’ll look at Paris with a completely new meaning! Pick up a copy of Parisian Cats ($25) at

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