What's Right Meow: Meet Alice and Finnegan, the Internet's Most Festive Cats

Photo: Instagram (pitterpatterfurryfeet)

With autumn in full swing, there’s plenty to celebrate, especially for Alice and Finnegan, who know a thing or two about spot-on dressing for every season (and occasion). Belonging to Monica and Holly Sisson, twin sisters and professional photographers, the Toronto-based felines regularly pose for photo shoots in handcrafted costumes, which are then posted on their Instagram (@pitterpatterfurryfeet) that currently boasts a following of more than 82,000.

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Many of Alice and Finnegan’s costumes share a similar concept—furry faces peeking out of some sort sort of paper creation. The collection of snapshots even calls for its own hashtag, #framedfurryfaces. “We see interesting holidays or events coming up on the calendar and think of what we can do as a costume,” Monica tells InStyle. “Being able to do our Framed Furry Faces has opened up a world of ideas.” Among those holidays of inspo include everything from National Peanut Day (yes, it exists!) to Election Day.

Instagram (pitterpatterfurryfeet)

Recently, the furballs were photographed alongside polka-dotted mustaches (above) to support Movember, a leading global organization dedicated to spark awareness to men’s health issues. A juicy treat that Alice and Finnegan can’t get enough of during photo shoots are Ice Lolly Licks, aka cat popsicles filled with canned salmon broth. (This explains why so many pics include licking tongues!)

Instagram (pitterpatterfurryfeet)

Though the cats spend countless hours together, they have very different personalities. “Alice (above) is super sweet and calmer of the two---she can also be nuttier, running around and chasing things only she can see, while making chirping little meows,” Monica says. “Finnegan (below) is a super expressive kitty and has a wide variety of funny facial expressions! He’s also always on the hunt for food and mischief, but a real cuddle-bug at heart."

Finnegan Internet cet.
Instagram (pitterpatterfurryfeet)

And because cat videos are kind of a thing loved by the Internet, the Sissons also regularly upload can’t-miss moments of Alice and Finnegan such as the one below. Check it out, and be sure to keep in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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