What's Right Meow: The Love Story of Instagram's Cutest Cats, Roku and Hachi

Photo: Instagram/rokuthecat

With itty-bitty folded ears and silver fur, it’s easy to fall in love with Roku the Cat. Currently reaching over 360,000 followers on Instagram, the Thailand-based Scottish Fold feline is the Internet’s current “It” cat. He’s known for lazy poses, witty comments, and snapshots alongside his wife, Hachi. This week, the adorable couple is celebrating the recent birth of their four new kittens.

Roku and Hachi met last October. Their parents, SixtySix ("Dad") a photographer known by his company name, and Pek ("Mom"), owner of a fashion brand and artist agency, bought Roku by chance a year and a half ago. “Within an hour [of] deciding on having a pet, we drove straight to a breeding cattery in Bangkok—and as luck would have it, he was the last male kitten there,” Sixtysix tells InStyle.com. “Having Roku is great company. To describe him simply, he is exactly what you see in his photos; funny, adorable, and lazy.”


While taking in Roku was easy, the search for his feline soulmate became a long journey. "We wanted to find the right female of the same breed—and that led us to Hachi," Pek says. Although it wasn’t love at first sight (Hachi played hard to get for two weeks!), the cute cat couple eventually fell head over paws for each other. They can be found side-by-side while eating, sleeping, playing dress up, and lounging around.

Their just-born kittens include one with silver fur and three with a marble shade of classic brown tabby fur (like their grandfather, Sweet Pea). Stay tuned for the deets on the shape of the kittens' ears, which can be truly be confirmed after two months of age. Will they be folded like Roku’s or straight like Hachi’s?

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