What's Right Meow: Kittens and Kale

Photo: Hamish Robertson

Because everyone needs a distraction (especially when it involves kittens), we bring you What's Right Meow -- a new weekly series in which we smother your face in feline love for a few brief moments and, just like our favorite domesticated friend, abruptly disappear and leave you hanging. Yes, we may pop up without warning and demand some more attention, pounce on some dust, swat at your fingers while you try to type, then disappear for long periods of time, where we may be caught napping or staring at leaf through the window. But despite our unreliable nature, at the end of the day, you won't be able to get enough of us. We dare you to try.

In this week's post, we share our current obsession, Kittens and Kale, a limited run series of artfully shot photo prints featuring kale recipes from LA's hottest spots (like Alma, Forage, and Moon Juice) and seven recently-adopted kittens.

$$$: A set of 10 prints costs $20 with $5 from each sale going to the no-kill advocacy non profit, Best Friends Animal Society.

Behind the Scenes: The idea came to fruition thanks to the creative collaboration of writer (and InStyle contrib) Andi Teran, her photographer husband, Hamish Robertson, and their pals director and book store owner Claire Cottrell and artist Lauren Spencer-King. "We are all parents of rescue animals and wanted to spread the word about the importance of rescue adoptions," says Teran; her cats—Oskar and Alfie—are in the series.

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