Credit: Instagram/@albertbabycat

One day he’s a beanie-sporting skateboard pro and the next, a relaxed spa devotee in a cozy robe, or dressed to the nines in a dapper vest and bow tie. Meet Albert Baby Cat, a blue-eyed, short-legged munchkin cat from Los Angeles.

Since last October, the adorable feline has been quickly rising to Instagram fame and has already amassed more than 62,000 followers. Almost every one of his snapshots expresses a different persona through cute little outfits that we find simply irresistible.

Credit: Instagram/@albertbabycat

Belonging to parents Christine Look and Sandeep Gupta, Albert was chosen from a breeder in Orange County, Calif. “When we first saw him, we were trying to decide between getting him or his sister. Albert looked frail and small because he was the runt of the litter, while the other cats looked much stronger and healthier,” Look tells InStyle.

“We played with Albert using a cat toy and he fell backwards hitting his head on the floor with a loud clunk. But we picked him because he was extremely sweet and knew he would be a baby cat forever,” she says. The couple named the furball after Albert Einstein hoping he would grow up to be a bit more brainy like the genius. Regardless, he is loved for his friendly nature and mellow demeanor.

Credit: Instagram/@albertbabycat

Now one-and-a-half years old, Albert is used to changing up his threads and modeling for pics. The process for coming up with new outfit ideas is an extensive process for Look, who first thinks of a costume idea for her cat, then researches more about it by surfing the web or shopping in stores. She has even styled his #ootd to resemble movie characters including Batman, Harry Potter, and Woody from Toy Story. Look says, “One of my favorite things to do when dressing Albert up is to see what he would look like if he was another animal—here he is a ferocious lion":

Credit: Instagram/@albertbabycat

RELATED: Meet Alice and Finnegan, The Internet's Most Festive CatsMost of Albert’s outfits actually consist of doll clothing or dog apparel. Between shots, the feline enjoys eating treats—believe it or not, his favorite food was once bananas. Although he now prefers to snack on dry seaweed, the photo below shows the cat looking fruity in a bright yellow ensemble. “He looked lonely here as a banana, and we decided to we get him a watermelon so they could be best friends,” she says.

Credit: Instagram/@albertbabycat

“We are hoping for Albert to one day star in big blockbuster-movies with celebs like Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt,” says Look. We just can’t wait to see what’s next for Albert Baby Cat! Check out more of his outfits on his Instagram (@albertbabycat) and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.