By Wendy Sy
Updated Oct 15, 2014 @ 1:48 pm

With the fun imagination of Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson, a roll of poppy-hued Uline tape serves more than its conventional adhesive purposes and a set of rainbow markers does more than color in between the lines. The illustrator who is also head of creative development at Bobbi Brown, is known for his artistic talents and sketches of everything under the sun—including celebrities, fashion musings, cartoon characters, and of course, cats (our fave!).

Robertson's pieces are constantly shared via his Instagram handle, @donalddrawbertson, which boasts more than 96,000 followers. Scroll through and you’ll find that the father of five also posts adorable snapshots of his family and pets, often accompanied with a witty hashtag, nonetheless.

With an abundance of projects including having his artwork displayed at Parisian boutique Colette and at the Eric Firestone Gallery in New York, Robertson is also working on a upcoming children’s storybook entitled Mitford and the Fashion Zoo (based on his giraffe character) that comes out next fall. “The nice thing about the book is that it was written by my wife with ideas from all my kids and cheered on by my awesome Instagram followers who are Mitford crazy,” Robertson tells InStyle.

Since we share a love for animals, we couldn’t help but fall for Robertson’s cat-related pieces. The above painting was made for a friend who is getting married. “It is for a hen party, but there are cats, not chickens coming,” he says.

Robertson kindly shares his thoughts on three more of our favorites below:

1. “I painted this for Carine Roitfield’s blog—she and her granddaughter rock back to pre-school Hello Kitty!”


2. “I was staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel and Slash is always in their lobby hanging out. I gave him the treatment on my Instagram and stuck him in a Hello Kitty shirt for fun.”


3. The inspiration for this piece? Karl Lagerfeld's new kitten makeup collection. "I love painting King Karl and his Kat!"


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