What's Family Time Like for Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka? Hint: It Involves Pac Man and Star Wars

Neil Patrick Harris
Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Neil Patrick Harris is always looking to give back. So it was only fitting that the star was honored for his philanthropic efforts at last night's God's Love We Deliver 2015 Golden Heart Awards in New York City, which raised funds to provide meals and nutrition counseling to local individuals living with severe illnesses. So even before he got on stage to receive the Michael Kors Award for Outstanding Community Service during the dinner ceremony, Harris was excited that the organization had reached out and asked him to get involved.

"I was happy to help," Harris told reporters before heading inside to the dinner. "We just toured the whole [God's Love We Deliver] premises—and our kids volunteered." Harper and Gideon, Harris's 5-year-old twins with husband David Burtka, were quick to get hands-on during the visit. "We went up to the roof and picked herbs," said Harris. Then, after taking apart rosemary sprigs, they spent time prepping meals for those in need. "We covered salmon with pesto sauce for a couple of hours," said Harris.

When they're not busy helping others, the Burtka-Harris family spends their time doing normal kid-friendly activities. "There’s a game called called Pac Man Fever, and [Gideon]'s got the fever," Harris said with a laugh. "And they’re into Star Wars. [They're] very excited about the next movie."

Harris makes it look easy to balance family time with a jam-packed schedule that includes hosting his new variety show on NBC, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. But just how he manages to do so much is a mystery even to those who know him, including Michael Kors. The designer co-chaired last night's event and presented Harris with his award. "No one is busier than Neil," said Kors (pictured below). "Neil is just a force of nature, and he can do it all—be a great dad, be a constant entertainer, and just do all of the things that he does, but then at the same time, constantly give back to the community."

Michael Kors
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Kors is inspired by Harris's ability to multitask while still doing good—and he hopes that others are, too. "I think it's a reminder for people to look at what you can do and how you can give back, no matter how busy you are," said Kors. "Neil's really got his finger in so many pots, and somehow does it all perfectly."

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