Friends - Rachel Haircut - Jennifer Aniston
Credit: NBCU Photo Bank

Ten years ago today, the last-ever episode of Friends aired: This left us wondering what ever became of Ross and Rachel and, more importantly, if we would be able to pull off Jennifer Aniston's iconic haircut. Back when the show first aired, Aniston's then-trademark look quickly gained popularity and prompted women everywhere to request the "Rachel" look (often complete with face-framing blond highlights) at salons across the country.

On top of her signature hair and hilarious one-liners, Rachel had the trendiest style, and Aniston admits she was a fan of quite a few pieces from her character's wardrobe. "All of our wardrobe girls were so great. They would come in with fantastic choices, and it was just like shopping every week!" she told previously. "There were a couple of things that I did take—I have a pair of red loafers, and actually, I'd love to bring those back. They were so '90s!"

While Aniston has since moved on from her classic haircut, we added the look to our Hollywood Makeover Tool so you'll be able to to sample her '90s-era shag, minus the salon trip. Simply upload your picture and position the style. Once it's in place, share the look with your own circle of friends on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show's series finale! You can even share your new look on Instagram as a Makeovergram for some Throwback Tuesday action.