What Would Evan Rachel Would Do? Find Out in Her Campaign Video for Wildfang

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What happens when a ready-for-anything actress teams up with a tomboy brand for a series of quirky on-camera challenges? Hilarity, that's what.

Evan Rachel Wood partnered with boyfriend-inspired clothing line Wildfang on a video campaign titled "Evan Rachel Would," which plays off her famous name to encourage women to say "yes" to adventure and embrace their personal style. In the short video, the True Blood star agrees to off-beat dares posed by Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon, singer Beth Ditto, and NBA star Robin Lopez by responding to their zany requests with the line, "Evan Rachel would."

As for her real-life challenges, Wood, a self-professed lifelong tomboy, points to her personal style preferences. "It's hard to find men's styles that really work for women," she says. "I was tired of having to buy the smallest sizes in the men's section, so Wildfang was a real game-changer for me." To celebrate the debut of the video, which you can watch below, we asked Wood to dish on just how far she "would"—and wouldn't—go with her style.

What's your top red carpet "would"?Rock a suit! It's the ultimate tomboy staple. Plus, it's nice to not worry about tripping over your train.

How far would you go with statement-making accessories?Eye-catching shoes or statement jewelry are great ways to add your personal flair to a look. I love a killer pair of shoes. I'm really digging Wildfang's Artax slip-ons right now. I wore them in the video, and they are the perfect pop to play up my rocker edge.

Whose style would you most want to emulate?You should draw inspiration from your style icons—mine are Patti Smith and Bowie—then put your own spin on it.

Give us an example of a beauty dare that you would take.The Mohawk for my hair. If done right, it can be striking and beautiful. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you "don't have the face" for short hair.

Do you have any "would nots" when it comes to your look?You'll probably never see me wearing Uggs with a mini skirt! Anyone who knows me knows that I love taking risks, but at the end of the day, if you aren't comfortable, then it's not worth it. You have to feel good and feel like yourself in whatever you wear.

What are some crazy things you've done that definitely would surprise us?I will eat anything. I have eaten scorpion, rattlesnake, and Rocky Mountain oysters. You name it, I'll probably try it at least once.

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