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Having traveled on flights filled with fashion editors en route to the European runway shows for many years, I had to figure out how to be comfortable, practical, and still look put-together. I finally got it down to a science. Ahead, seven tips and two killer looks that will have you hitting the airport in style.

1. Start with pants that have some stretch: a black ankle-length skinny pant, jeans in a simple dark wash, a riding pant, or substantial leggings. This is not the time to wear flimsy yoga pants. (And don’t wear a belt. It will just slow you down during airport security.)

2. Next, comes a “boyfriend cardigan” or tunic-length pullover sweater in light-weight wool or cashmere. It should be long enough to cover your rear end, especially if you are wearing leggings.

3. Underneath, I suggest a loose cotton T-shirt or shirt with a shirt-tail hem (longer in back). If the cabin is overheated, you can lose the sweater and still look great when you get up to use the restroom.

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4. Your outerwear should be something that isn’t too bulky and that can be dressed up or down. I love an unlined cashmere or wool robe coat, but you may consider a waterproof trench or puffer coat, depending on where you are traveling to and what you will be doing. Also, a lightweight puffer rolls up to serve double-duty as a pillow!

5. An oversize cashmere or fine-gauge wool scarf pulls the look together, and can be used as a blanket during the flight (or worn as a wrap over a cocktail dress when you’ve reached your destination).

6. Since your feet may swell during the flight, pointy-toe shoes aren’t a good idea. Slip-on styles are just easier when you have to get up and walk around. Don’t forget to wear liner socks—the kind you can’t see—so that you don’t have to walk barefoot when going through the metal detector!

7. I always carry a large tote with all my documents, Kindle, wallet, glasses, prescriptions, makeup bag, etc. Plus, I always bring a small wheelie carry-on bag, even if I plan to check my bags. Why? Ever since an airline lost my luggage for three days during the fashion shows, I have packed an extra outfit—usually a simple black dress, pair of pumps, underwear, a night shirt, and a few jewelry items, just in case.