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With even historic stalwarts—here's looking at you, JetBlue—charging hefty baggage fees, there's never been a more important time to master the art of packing a carry-on. An oft-discussed topic in the travel community, the contents of one's carry-on must be carefully curated. What exactly will you need for a set number of hours while you’re separated from the rest of your belongings? What will help you enjoy your flight while also ensuring you arrive at your destination looking fresh and relaxed?

Basic tech items like a great pair of noise-canceling headphones and an extra battery back will go a long way in the friendly skies, while little beauty boosts like a lavender-filled eye mask or a sandalwood shaving kit for men will have you looking rested even after a red-eye. But should the infant behind you happen to have colic, don't forget those oversized sunglasses.

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Aromatherapy Associates eye mask, $80. (Buy it now)

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Sephora Deluxe Airless Travel Kit, $19. (Buy it now)

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Christian Dior Metaleyes Retro Sunglasses, $430. (Buy it now)

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