What does one do after turning himself into an emoji? If you're Karl Lagerfeld, you commission a high-profile cartoonist to create an animated series in your likeness.

The designer teamed up with French illustrator Tiffany Cooper, known for her witty depictions of fashion A-listers, on a cheeky collection of sweatshirts and tees, that feature His Greatness (and of course, his beloved feline companion Choupette), in a range of cheery situations: dancing, eating ice cream, playing ukulele on the beach (wearing a lei!), and pitching a tent in the wilderness. "I’ve been looking for a way to portray Karl for a long time," Cooper tells InStyle. "A year ago, I finally found it: Choupette naturally became the humoristic foil to Karl's false severity." Meow.

Scoop up the Tiffany Cooper for Karl Lagerfeld collection today at Prices start at $79.