By Wendy Sy
Feb 04, 2015 @ 1:15 pm
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Everyday is Caturday when it comes to the fashion and beauty accessories from Catseye London. The UK-launched brand kicked off in 2004 as a division of Jellycat, a boutique toy company, and ever since, it has been launching two new collections a year including some very animal-centric tongue-in-cheek styles. What can we say, they’re simply purrfect.

While featuring a wide range of designs of everything from vintage-dressed ladies to fairytale frogs, Catseye London continues to count their feline-inspired items as top sellers. “It’s amazing how animals are so broadly accepted, and I think that’s especially true with cats—they exude so much personality,” Danell Gibbins, President of Jellycat, tells InStyle. In fact, their ‘Tabby Cat’ design has remained in every collection since the very start, repositioned in a number of different goodies including coin purses, cosmetic bags, and nail care sets. “It’s certainly rewarding to start with something that abstract and freeform to end up creating so many different products.”

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Known for incorporating quirky images filled with bold, saturated colors, every item from Catseye London expresses a sweet sense of humor. The first step in the design process starts from sourcing through thousands and thousands of images—many of the current designs are purchased photography pieces that are then revamped in coloration to add an eye-catching appeal. “For the ‘Kitten on Green’ design, we added a really bold emerald color to match the feline’s eyes, and it just pops,” says Gibbins. “And one of our newly launched items is the ‘Cat With Flowers’ design, where we amplified the colors on the gray cat and red flowers.”


In Europe, the term “catseye” refers to reflectors placed on the surface of roads that flash when near a car’s headlights to help guide traffic at night. The attention-evoking aspect of the word was a fun play on the animal-geared pieces of the brand. So voila, after a round of creative brainstorming, the name Catseye London was born! Shop their latest items (prices start at $9-$30) at

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