2015 FIT Future Of Fashion Runway Show
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

After a woman has kids, pre-baby style staples often go back in the closet—indefinitely. Not for Nicole Richie. Instead of saying goodbye to some of her fave looks after taking on motherhood, the star actually added a new everyday essential to her wardrobe. “I did start wearing bras,” Richie told InStyle right before hosting last night’s FIT Future of Fashion Runway Show in New York City. “I’m very new to the bra world, so I’m still kind of just figuring it out. It’s fun.”

Richie may have stepped up her lingerie game once she became a mom to Harlow, 7, and Sparrow, 5, but that doesn’t mean she kicked her former sense of style to the curb. In fact, she encourages other moms out there to be true to themselves when it comes to fashion, instead of choosing outfits that are strictly kid-friendly.

“It’s really just about being 100 percent you, and wearing what makes you feel comfortable,” she said. “That’s what’s going to make you feel the most confident, and that’s what is going to exude when you’re walking down the street or just being out. So it’s important to just be you—wear what you feel the most confident in.”

While she’s all about rocking a wardrobe that empowers, Richie has one family-focused hobby that doesn’t require getting dressed up: gardening. “I have an edible garden, so we grow our own fruits and vegetables at home,” she revealed. And it sounds like things can get pretty messy. “I have two worm farms that we compost with four of the gardens, and I have five chickens—I use their feces to garden, too.” Added Richie, “It’s a wonderful hobby.”