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The dollar isn’t as strong as it once was, and when it comes to real estate, a million bucks won't get you much in some places.

In Monaco, Hong Kong, London and New York City, you’ll be squeezed into about 250 square feet. Cape Town and Dubai, on the other hand, are where the bargains can be found.

But enough with the talk. Check out these listings and see for yourself what a million dollars buys you around the world today.

Cape Town, South Africa (pictured above)

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom palace on the edge of Table Mountain National Park offers up both ocean and mountain views. There’s also a pool terrace and a private courtyard with a fishpond. And did we mention the separate staff quarters?

Price: $1,045,000

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This three-bedroom beachfront apartment clocks in at a hair over a million, but its prime location among a stretch of five-star hotels makes it stand out from the abundant high-rise properties in town. Rooms feature en suite bathrooms, and an all-white kitchen comes equipped with a special serving window. Beach club and communal pool access are a bonus.

Price: $1,170,705

São Paulo, Brazil

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Centrally located in downtown São Paulo, this light-filled two-bedroom unit is close to metro stops for conveniently maneuvering the city. A modernly appointed open kitchen with a built-in reclaimed-wood dining table sets the stage for entertaining.

Price: $898,040

Florence, Italy

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This three-bedroom penthouse boasts two terraces—one overlooking the Tuscan town of Fiesole and the other gazing down on the Arno River—and a garage big enough for an SUV.

Price: $1,006,560

Melbourne, Australia

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Located on a quiet, tree-lined street just outside Melbourne’s bustling city center, this three-bedroom home has good bones but needs some updating on the inside. The draw here is the lush garden and outdoor space, perfect for a growing family.

Price: $1,229,918