By Jonathan Borge
Aug 11, 2016 @ 10:30 am

Since giving birth to her second child, Saint West, in December, Kim Kardashian West has successfully embarked on a tremendous journey to morph her figure into pre-baby shape. Has it worked? The beauty recently dropped to a whopping 125.4 lbs, a number she hadn't reached in "five years." Simply put, the reality TV star and media entrepreneur looks good. 

So how, exactly, has Kardashian West managed to keep a slender figure? It’s all about the food. “You have to stay really focused,” she tells InStyle. That focus can be found in each and every meal she consumes in a day. “For breakfast, I'll have egg whites or scrambled eggs with a little bit of either vegetables in it, a little bit of cheese, sometimes turkey bacon," she tells us. "For lunch, like today I had a turkey salad with like egg whites in it, a little bit of onions, and sliced turkey. And then for dinner, I'll have either like a chicken or a salmon.”

Protein-fueled meals seem like a no-brainer, but what happens when the craving for, say, a piece of chocolate kicks in? “I have protein bars if I need a snack, or trail mix. It just really depends…I always have something in my purse in case I get hungry, so I don’t, you know, make a stop somewhere else.”

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It’s safe to say we may have to try this new Kim K-approved diet.