It is, of course, Central Perk-related.


After ten seasons, 236 episodes, and more memories than can be counted, it's only fitting that Jennifer Aniston would take home a memento from the Friends set.

During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show on Friday, the actress admitted she took away a pretty big piece of the Friends set when filming wrapped.

"You took a bit of Friends when you left at the end, didn't you?" the host asked, to which she responded, "I took all five of them."

But aside from the real-life friends she took away, Aniston also walked off with the iconic neon sign of a coffee cup that was featured in Central Perk.

"I took the neon coffee mug from the coffee house," she said. "It's in my office now. It's from Central Perk, where you walk in on the right."

She also clarified that she did ask for the souvenir before taking off with it, telling Norton, "They did ask me [if I wanted it] though, that would be a hell of a thing to take off a set!"

She's not the only one to have gotten a keepsake from the set — Lisa Kudrow told InStyle back in September that she took home the cookie jar from Monica and Rachel's apartment, courtesy of Matthew Perry, who asked for permission to give it to her.

The jury's out on whether anyone took home Gladys or Glynnis.