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There’s nothing like buying your first Chanel bag. It's an emotional moment Shameless star Shanola Hampton knows well.

During a trip to New York last week to attend Fashion Week events, the actress took the plunge and splurged on her first quilted classic. “There's nothing like that feeling," Hampton told us when she stopped by our offices in between fashion shows.

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Her choice wasn't the typical rectangle clutch, but rather a barrel-shaped bag with Chanel’s double interlocking C’s on the sides that she spotted at the NYC-based vintage store, What Goes Around Comes Around. "I knew that I wanted something different," she said. "I didn’t want to just go with the regular clutch that everyone else has.” But before checking out, she turned to none other than co-star and on-screen BFF Emmy Rossum for the final stamp of approval, texting Rossum pictures of her bag-to-be. “Emmy was like, ‘Yes, that’s a great one!’ So I bought it—my first Chanel,” Hampton recalled.

Credit: Courtesy Photo

And like every great fashion obsession, once you start, you can't stop. “I know that I’ll be able to find a more basic Chanel when I’m ready for it—if I get a second one,” Hampton said. “Or really, when I get a second one!” Let the collection begin.

Note: Hampton snapped the above photos after she told us the story of her new bag. Of course, we had to show you, too!