What It's Like Being a Fashion Week Fixture Like Olivia Palermo

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Before the first model hits the runway during fashion week, one of the biggest sights to see is Olivia Palermo—and what she's wearing in the front row. No matter where the world's fashion crowd is gathered to ooh and ahh at the latest collections, whether it be New York, London, Milan, or Paris, Palermo is there, typically looking well-rested and impossibly chic.

We caught up with Palermo to find out how she pulls it all off despite the jet-setting schedule, and she dished on everything from her handbag essentials to how she picks out her look for the day.

What are your carry-on essentials? And how do keep from looking jet-lagged?The key is time management. Make sure you get rest and stay organized. I have a certain time whenever I travel that I like to get home. I calculate the unpacking and getting relaxed by then. In my carry on, it’s almost like a Smythson campaign. I like to stay very organized with all my Smythson cases of makeup or just little things that you need to get on the plane: nose spray, moisturizer, Band-Aids, all my adapters, chargers, a big sweater for the airplane, iPad, computer, so forth. I really can’t live without my iPad. It keeps me on the go because I can get internet on that. The computer is a little bit more challenging.

You’re known for your great style, so when you’re approaching getting ready for the shows, what’s your style philosophy?I like to leave the fashion shows to the designers and, you know, I have many shows throughout the day and many appointments, so I don’t always have a chance to change. If I can just find a great outfit that lasts me throughout the day and feel comfortable, I’m good to go.Day to night dressing can be tough ...Well, it’s all about making the eyeliner a little bit heavier; it defines a great outfit. If you are in all black, you know throw on an accessory to transition from day to night and put a pair of heels in your bag.

As you go from show to show, what do you have to have in your bag?My phone charger and a car charger as a back up, sunglasses, and that’s really all I need. Now that you have Uber, you can be a little bit lighter with the handbag.

As you look towards the week, are you daunted or excited?I think that everyone, at the end of the day, we should all realize how fortunate and lucky we are to be in this industry. So as stressful as it can be going from shows to appointments, we’re all very fortunate and we should give the designers the time. They put in so much effort into these collections.

—With reporting by Jennifer Davis

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