Wet Moisturizing Lotions
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No matter the season, dry skin always seems to be inevitable. And with our rushed mornings and hectic schedules, finding that extra time to moisturize and still get out the door on time can be a difficult feat. Enter: wet skin moisturizers, a new and innovative way to get glowing skin right out of the shower. Here’s why you need to add one into your daily routine—stat:

They’re a Huge Time-Saver
Wet skin moisturizers allow you to skip an entire step. Say goodbye to the three-stage process of taking a shower, drying off and then moisturizing the skin. With a wet skin moisturizer, you can hydrate the skinright in the shower before even drying off. No need to spend the extra time moisturizing.

They Actually Work
While it may feel like you’re applying the moisturizer and it’s coming right off, trust us, it’s not. The formula works with the humidity and water to seep into the skin for deep hydration, even when you start to dry off. The result? Smooth, soft skin all the time.

They’re Easy to Use
After your body-washing routine, simply shut the shower off, apply the moisturizer, dry off and move on to the next step of your routine. The wet skin moisturizer makes it easier to reach places like your feet and back without making a total mess. However, always be sure to wash the shower floor after applying to avoid slipping.

Shop the wet skin moisturizers (above, from left): Nivea In-Shower Hydrating Body Lotion, $6; Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, $7; Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion, $5;

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