By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Mar 04, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

The Oscars are the pinnacle of award show season for a reason, and hosting such a large scale event is not an easy feat. Oscar hosts have to entertain and dazzle, all while helping the show run smoothly, and that's exactly why the gig comes with a nice payday.

Jimmy Kimmel is this year's Academy Awards host, and just like last year, he'll be leading the room of A-listers through the evening. But what kind of paycheck will he take home for his efforts? Possibly less than you'd expect.

Jeff Lipsky/ABC via Getty Images

Last year, he was given $15,000 for hosting the Oscars. He revealed the hosting salary on a radio show Kevin & Bean on KROQ last year, and the radio hosts seemed surprised that it was "low."

“You know why?" Kimmel replied. "I think it’s illegal to pay nothing.”

Kimmel said he was told that $15,000 is the same amount previous hosts like Chris Rock and Billy Crystal made, so he's in great company.

Admittedly, Kimmel didn't know if that was information he was even allowed to divulge.

“I’m not sure I was supposed to reveal this,” he said. "But nobody told me not to. I consider this their fault ... I wonder if you get a raise if you do it more than once, like ‘we’re going to give you a three percent raise.’”

It's unclear whether or not he's getting paid the same amount this year, but regardless, he'll be taking home something for his efforts, even if it isn't an actual Oscars trophy.