What Goldie Hawn Taught Kate Hudson About Beauty

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn's beauty advice
Photo: Getty Images; Rex USA

Kate Hudson just has an air about her that makes fashion feel natural and fun. What is her secret? At the launch of CHKH, a new eyewear collection from Hudson and Chrome Hearts, the actress revealed that she learned from the best: her mom Goldie Hawn. Hudson, who told InStyle.com she will be spending some quality time at home with Hawn on Mother's Day, says that it's less about specific advice and more about a quality she has absorbed from her famous mother. "My mom's so not fussy," she tells InStyle. "I think what rubbed off is we're not fussy people."

Both blond beauties have nailed the free-spirited aura onscreen and on the red carpet. But just because Hawn is easygoing, it doesn't mean she dislikes gussying up, Hudson says. "She loves stuff," of her mom. "She's girly, but I think if anything, she doesn't spend too much time worrying about it."

Last month Hudson, 35, admitted to a habit of jumping around from look to look, but shared how she determines what outfit she puts on in the morning. “I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to fashion,” Hudson told InStyle.com previously. "When you put something on, and you feel good in it, that’s probably what you should be wearing because it’s going to exude confidence to those around you." It sounds like Mom taught her well!

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—With reporting by Brianna Deutsch

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