What the New Royal Baby's Name Really Means

Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William have officially welcomed their third child into the world, the world has started welcoming him back. The couple welcomed their baby boy on Monday in London, and it was announced days later that they named him Louis Arthur Charles.

Naturally, many royal fans are wondering where exactly the name came from. Here's what we know.

Typically, royal baby names circulate, which is why so many royals share the same names. The thought behind Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis's names haven't been confirmed by anyone officially yet, but there are specific theories that do shed light on how Kate and William choose to name their kids.

For newborn Prince Louis Arthur Charles, the roots of his name appear to be sentimental. Louis, which is also one of Prince George's middle names, is likely in reference to Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip's beloved uncle who was killed by the IRA in 1979. Experts believe that Arthur was chosen as an homage to the fictional King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. And Charles is likely a tribute to Prince William's father, the Prince of Wales.

While we know him as Prince George, the eldest child of William and Kate's full name is George Alexander Louis, and all three names could have royal roots. George's second middle name "Louis" might be in reference to his ancestor, Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg. The name "Alexander" has royal ties too, with Queen Elizabeth II's middle name being "Alexandra." And George is the name of the queen's father.

Princess Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and all three names are regal as well. The origin of "Diana" is rather obvious—the name comes from Prince William's late mother, Princess Diana. "Elizabeth" is equally identifiable, and while it has not been confirmed, it is likely that the name comes directly from Charlotte's great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The name "Charlotte" is not as obvious, though with her grandfather being named "Prince Charles," it could be another royal family name.

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