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The wait was worth it. More than a decade after sparking major wardrobe envy in a generation of Sex and the City devotees, Sarah Jessica Parker has launched a line of Carrie Bradshaw-worthy heels, booties (and even a few flats) that have finally landed in the hallowed halls of Bloomingdale's. We sat down with the SJP Collection designer to talk about her celeb-loved shoes—and how her real life measures up to that of her iconic on-screen character.

Your SJP Collection is now available at Bloomingdale's. That’s incredible. Tell me about this new venture.
"I mean, it’s like a dream. George [Malkemus, Manolo Blahnik’s CEO and Parker’s partner on the collection] and I came to the city around the same time in the late ‘70s. Being at Bloomingdale's was and is just a massive privilege, to have space on that shoe floor and to have spent even the last three months doing the marketing, you know, being perched on top of that awning, that famous, gorgeous awning, that I’ve known my entire grown up life. So it’s fantastic. And so to reach this day, I mean, we’ve been talking about this day for five or six months."

Did you ever imagine the response to your shoe line would be so incredible?
"It’s our nature. I don’t think we thought it would grow, but on the other hand, I think it, you know, it’s a nice sort of affirmation of the things that were important for us. We work really hard. We want our customers to be happy. We want our retailer partners to be happy. We want to figure out quickly each retail partner’s business—Who are they? What’s doing well? What’s not doing well? So we’re thrilled with the success. Meanwhile, there’s virtue in staying a little bit small."

Tell me about the new styles and one that you’re most excited about now.
"Well, I think, you know, the Naomi and the Scintillate, some of the Bloomingdale's exclusives, which is the Greta in the black and Skyline [colors]. Those—especially with the signature grosgrain at the back—I love it. I love the Gina boots so, so much. And I love seeing Carrie, especially for New York, in these sort of nighttime party colors. But the Scintillate for us has been a huge; it’s been really good for us."

I came to Bloomingdale's the other day and just stopped by, I didn’t tell anybody or anything, and my son and I came by and we were just on the floor for, like, I don’t know, an hour and a half, and we sold a bunch of shoes. But it was so nice to see. I was on the floor selling shoes. And because Bloomingdale's is a destination for out-of-towners, people out of the country, I mean they come like it’s part of their itinerary. There were a whole bunch of people that were New Yorkers there and then there were women who had come in from out of town.

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Credit: SIPA USA

What is it like, when you’re walking down 5th Avenue, to see women wearing your shoes?
"It’s amazing. It’s so freaking thrilling. And we can see them now because of the stripe, the grosgrain. It’s so exciting. It’s pretty amazing."

What does your closet look like at home?
"Very disappointing for people. It’s much smaller than most of my friends’ closets. I was just talking to my husband about it the other day, I was saying it’s fine. It’s not big. I’m not a big shopper and I keep things forever and ever and ever. And I put stuff in archive, too, so that kind of lessens the burden. I have a lot of stuff that I’ve had for 25, 30 years that I consider in rotation. That’s also a big part of what we’re trying to do too. We want people to pull these out in three years and say, 'Yeah, that’s still relevant.' I’m not embarrassed, I don’t say, 'Oh, god...'"