J.Crew cologne
Credit: Courtesy Photos (2)

If you've been waiting for someone to bottle the scent of handsome men in slim suits and cozy cardigans, your prayers have been answered —and by none other than J.Crew. The retailer tapped Brooklyn-based cologne maker D.S. & Durga to create an exclusive scent for their male fans—and the women who like to cozy up to them—that's a fresh mix of eucalyptus, sage, and coastal woods (mmmm). To whom should you send your sincere thanks? Men's head designer Frank Muytjens, who told GQ that the fragrance was inspired by his woodsy trips to Big Sur. "The air is rich out there and it's stays with you. I can smell it now." Delicious! Plus, it's already available to shop, for $98 on, just in time to slip a bottle into your beau's Easter basket. Enjoy your intoxicating shoulder snuggles, ladies.

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