We're Positively Mad About Christina Hendricks' Beautiful New Gig

Christina Hendricks - Clairol
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No, Joan from Mad Men isn't getting her own '70s-era spinoff after the upcoming season ends, but Christina Hendricks’s latest role is just as exciting. The star has just been announced as the celebrity brand ambassador for Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy range, and seeing as how her impeccable red hue is her own handiwork, the partnership is a literal match made in hair heaven.

"People never believe I do my hair color myself at home," says Hendricks, who credits the at-home kit as one she has used since going auburn. "They say 'You don't do your hair at home by yourself, do you?' and I always reply and say 'I honestly do!' I like that I can trust the brand and product, and that I can have it in my drawer at all times for when I need it." Clearly, she's a woman of very many talents, with her knack for DIY dye right up there below her stellar acting chops.

Christina Hendricks - Clairol

The actress is fronting Nice ’n Easy's Shift a Shade campaign, which encourages women to follow her lead in finding their true hair color. Hendricks, who was born a blonde, was inspired to go for a red hue after reading Anne of Green Gables growing up, and eventually took the plunge before an Italian editorial shoot. She picked up a box of the at-home kit, and as they say, the rest is history!

Save for that brief moment she went back to blonde, Clairol's Nice 'n Easy has been Hendricks's go-to throughout her career. Keep an eye out for her campaign, which airs this month. And as for that Joan spinoff—the ball is in your court, AMC!

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