We're Mad About... Alexa Chung's Wardrobe

Alexa Chung - MTV - Celebrity News
Photo: Courtesy of MTV

Last Monday, American audiences were officially introduced to British It girl Alexa Chung when MTV premiered her new interactive entertainment show, It's On With Alexa Chung. We were instant fans of her signature style, so we keep going back to MTV's Buzzworthy blog to get the daily head-to-toe rundown on the looks she wears on air. During her first week, Chung picked easy pieces from brands like A.P.C., Kova & T and Lover, many of which were straight from her own closet. "In New York you have to be more practical," the former model told us when we saw her spinning tunes at a party last month. "The weather is more extreme [than in London] and there's a lot more walking to be done." What is Chung's favorite Manhattan fashion discovery so far? The edgy Opening Ceremony boutique in Soho.

Bronwyn Barnes and Kate Bussman

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