Welcome Back Wednesday: Katie Holmes Returns in All We Had

On Welcome Back Wednesday we celebrate the return of a beloved pop culture player who’s been off the radar for a while. Where’d they go? It doesn’t matter! We’re just glad they’re back.

Katie Holmes - Lead
Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty

Katie Holmes has sure come a long way from the Creek. It's been almost two decades since she stole our hearts—and Pacey's—as girl-next-door Joey Potter before graduating to a run of film roles and becoming a mother (we can't believe Suri Cruise is already 10). Now, after being off the radar for a bit, Holmes is back in the spotlight, starring and making her directorial debut in All We Had, a coming-of-age drama that captures those same small town feels that Dawson’s Creek once did.

This time around, Holmes is a young mom still struggling to adult with her teenage daughter (Stefania LaVie Owen) by her side. Yes, it’s an ode to the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters, a theme that Holmes clearly connects with. But it’s also gritty, complicated, honest, and above all, the most authentic performance that we’ve seen from Holmes since her Dawson days. We think Joey Potter would be proud. Welcome back, Katie Holmes!

All We Had is in theaters and on demand Friday, Dec. 9.

Check out the trailer above.

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