On Welcome Back Wednesday we celebrate the return of a beloved pop culture player who’s been off the radar for a while. Where’d they go? It doesn’t matter! We’re just glad they’re back.

Emile Hirsch Lead
Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage

Ever since his breakout role in 2007’s coming-of-age drama Into the Wild, Emile Hirsch has become known as one of those actors who disappears into his role. For Into the Wild, he famously lost 40 pounds to play Christopher McCandless, a college grad who abandons his possessions to live off of the land in Alaska. More critical acclaim followed, most notably for his turns as real-life AIDS activist Cleve Jones in 2008’s Oscar-nominated biopic Milk and a dedicated NAVY Seal in 2013’s war drama Lone Survivor. And this week, Hirsch is back on the big screen and once again, completely committing to a new alter ego.

In The Autopsy of Jane Doe, he plays Austin, a coroner performing a spooky late-night autopsy on an unidentified young women. As the night goes on, the plot unfolds with clues about who Jane Doe actually is, as well as Austin’s connection to the mysterious cadaver. If you’re hoping to see something a little more suspenseful than say, Office Christmas Party, over the holiday weekend—look no further. Even though the story gets pretty gruesome (and sometimes a little far-fetched), Hirsch grounds the film with his usual believability, even in the face of the supernatural. Welcome back, Emile Hirsch!

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is in theaters now.

Check out the trailer above.