On Welcome Back Wednesday we celebrate the return of a beloved pop culture player who’s been off the radar for a while. Where’d they go? It doesn’t matter! We’re just glad they’re back.

Chace Crawford - Embed
Credit: The CW/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

If you were a teen in the late aughts, chances are you fantasized about Gossip Girl’s brooding good guy Nate Archibald (most likely toward the end of Season 1, when he nixed his man bangs). And really, who could blame you? Not only was he the star of the St. Jude’s lacrosse team—he had impressive journalistic chops and a troubled family history that made him a prime candidate for consoling, so it’s no surprise that he drove a wedge between Blair and Serena (and Jenny and Vanessa).

Chace Crawford - LEAD
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Now, Chace Crawford—who memorably played the Upper East Side golden boy on the hit series—is back in Eloise, a thriller about a group of friends who break into an abandoned insane asylum. In the film, Crawford plays Jacob Martin, whose $1.2 million inheritance is contingent on him retrieving his troubled aunt’s death certificate. TBH, we could see Archibald and his scheme team get into a similar situation. Welcome back, Chace Crawford!

Eloise is in theaters Friday, Feb. 3.

Check out the trailer above.