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In this weekly feature, InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson shares his favorite fashion moment of the week, and explains how it could shape styles to come.

The Moment: It’s not just the clothes that people talk about at Fashion Week, where designers use the spotlight to introduce new makeup trends, accessories looks and, most lucratively, bags. A new one to keep an eye out for today is called the Diane, which will make its debut this afternoon on the runway of Jason Wu.

The Diane in question is none other than fashion favorite Diane Kruger, who announced this summer that she and Wu are teaming up on the design of a new bag. And InStyle has an exclusive preview in advance of the show. Like Kruger’s personal style, it’s understated, chic and looks just as good in neutrals as it does in hot pink.

“Jason asked me what were the most important things to me in a bag,” Kruger says. “I said that I wanted to be able to wear it across the body and that I could open and close it with one hand. I can’t stand having to put my bag down or use both hands to close it while running errands!”

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Why It’s a Wow: Though the Diane is far from the first handbag to take its name from a style icon (think of the Birkin and Kelly bags from Hermès or the Lady Dior, a tribute to Princess Diana), it’s unusual to see one trumpeted on the runway. It’s a clever move for Wu, who’s known for keeping his clientele in mind when he designs, and who sold a majority stake of his label to InterLuxe today as he seeks a bigger fashion footprint.

“I’ve always found Diane’s effortless sense of style so inspirational,” he says. “To me, the bag is refined, feminine and timeless, words that I would also use to define Diane.”

Kruger’s choice of words are not so far off: “I was hoping for a timeless and understated bag, one you notice because of its beautiful leather and simplicity.”

Learn More: Check back for images of Jason Wu’s spring 2015 collection later today, and revisit Kruger’s fashion hits in the meantime.

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