Ben Jackson and Sophie Austin didn't let social distancing interfere with their special day. 

Ben Jackson and Sophie Austin belong to the subset of people whose long-planned weddings fell within the period of mandated self-isolation. The U.K.-based couple, who’s been engaged since August 2018, were meant to marry before 200 guests. But instead of postponing the ceremony, the longtime pair decided to simply alter the setting a bit.

The couple exchanged their vows at home, via a Zoom call with many of their friends and family. “I think it really drew back the sparkliness and extra stuff of a wedding and made it really obvious what was important: the two of us saying the vows to each other,” Austin told Yahoo Style UK.

Zoom Wedding Coronavirus
Credit: PA

Though Austin and Jackson did choose to push their official wedding ceremony to September, they wanted to do something special for the originally planned date. “We still wanted to make the date significant to us because we had such a build-up,” Austin explained.

While some virtual guests certainly kept their wedding look casual, Jackson said some dressed up for the occasion (well, sort of). “I know a couple of my mates were wearing their suits but underneath they had their football shorts on,” he told the outlet.