8 Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts—Straight From the Pros

Tons of things could feasibly go wrong on your wedding day that are beyond your realm of control. Whether it's an unexpected thunderstorm, late guests, onslaught of food poisoning or a crying flower girl, Murphy's Law dictates that something will happen to impact the ceremony, no matter how hard we try to prevent it. But there are several precautions we can take during the planning process that can soften the blow when inevitable problems arise. And for those nuggets of wisdom, we look to the pros.

In the video above, a fashion designer, Stone Fox Bride co-founder and creative director Molly Guy, a graphic designer, Katie Fischer Design founder Katie Fischer Cohen, a wedding planner, The Nouveau Romantics founder and creative director Elizabeth McKellar, and a pastry chef, Chefanie founder Stephanie Nass, share do's and dont's for the four cornerstones of your big day: the dress, the invite, the event, and the cake. Brides, take notes.

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