8 Digital Tools Every Bride Should Use for Her Big Day, According to Wedding Planners
Credit: Courtesy of guesterly

Although booking a dream venue, mailing out save-the-dates, and searching for an ultra-flattering gown are important to tackle early on, plenty more must be crossed off your to-do list to ensure a seamless wedding day. Talk about stressful! To help with initial planning and last-minute prep, we consulted four wedding planners for their input on the tools every bride should know about. From a website that guarantees happy guests with its customized "wedding yearbook" service, to an app that allows couples to virtually experiment with seating arrangements and furniture placements at their reception hall, these are the services you'll want to add to your top-secret Pinterest board, stat.

1. Guesterly (above) In an effort to rid receptions of awkward small talk, online service Guesterly offers couples a DIY approach to make the big day more connected among guests with its iPhone-sized booklets that highlight each person in attendance with a short bio and accompanying photo. The bride and groom have the option to receive the Guesterly digitally or via snail mail. "It's my favorite item to include in welcome bags this year," says Tracie Domino, founder and creative director of Tracie Domino Events. "It's a great ice breaker when you have many different groups of guests in attendance who haven't met before."

2. Appy Couple This app is a must-download for both the couple and guests. Not only can you create your own wedding website, but also upload itineraries and maps (with custom themes and color palettes) for guests to easily access. "Hands down, it's the best way to cut down on the endless stream of guest questions," says Sarah Pease, owner and creative director of Brilliant Event Planning.

3. Eversnap Forget cataloging 'grams through hashtags! Eversnap cleverly aggregates all guests' photos and videos from any social media platform, and stores them in one private album. "It's a great photo aggregator app!" says Pease.

4. Partibot Have a beloved family member or friend who is unable to attend due to traveling constraints? Partibot solves the issue with its easy-to-maneuver robot that allows those guests to tune into the ceremony in real time, and can even control the robot to move through the venue. "The Partibot can even bust a few robot moves on the dance floor," says Lindsay Longacre, owner and principal planner of LVL Weddings & Events. "Plus, it's also a great conversation piece for those at the wedding."

5. AllSeated This game-changing online tool allows couples to create a floor plan of their venue---to scale! But that's not all. AllSeated, also available on mobile, is ideal for building guest lists, a timeline of the reception, and can be viewed in 3D. "It's great for the bride and groom who want the freedom to tinker around with a bunch of different options on their own," says Annie Lee, principal planner of Daughter of Design.

6. Thankster It's no secret that writing hundreds of thank you notes post-party is no easy task. Enter: Thankster, a site that allows you to upload your own handwriting as a custom font for authentic, seamless, and thoughtful notes. "The best part? When you write your 200 thank you cards for your wedding, you don't have to amputate your hand afterwards," says Lee.