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DIY Wedding Chalk Lead
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Listen up, brides: a $7 marker is about to be your new best friend.

We stumbled across ChalkInk markers recently and have been obsessing over them ever since. The liquid chalk markers write easily without smearing, erase with water, and (unlike traditional chalk) leave no dust or mess behind. The markers can be used on chalkboards and surfaces covered with chalkboard paint, which means the DIY opportunities are pretty much endless.

We rounded up 10 super easy, do-it-yourself projects using ChalkInk to help personalize your wedding. How easy? Each project takes less than 1 hour and will shave big money off of your decorating budget.

The Tools We Love:

  • ChalkInk Markers in white ($7 for 1, $11 for 2; amazon.com)
  • Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint in black ($2 for 6 oz., amazon.com)

1. Personalized Photo Booth Backdrop

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy WeddingChicks.com, Photographed by Aimee McAuley Photography

Having a pretty focal point and background for photographs is a must at any modern wedding. We love this romantic, chalkboard-style take, spotted on weddingchicks.com. Bonus: the chic black and white palette will match every wedding guests' outfit in their Instagrams!

2. Welcome Sign with the Wedding Itinerary

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy Chalk Ink

Save the paper and printing costs of programs (honestly: none of your guests will really read them anyways) and share your wedding day itinerary on a chalkboard sign in a prominent spot. Shop this chalkboard and similar styles at chalkink.com.

3. Pretty Personalized Place Settings

Wedding DIY Add On
Credit: Courtesy Style Me Pretty Living, photographed by Green Apple Photography

With one roll of kraftpaper and a single ChalkInk pen, you can skip the boring place cards and make a pretty, personalized table setting for each of your guests. See the full how-to at Style Me Pretty.

4. Reuseable Photo Booth Props

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy WeddingChicks.com, Photographed by Alyssa Armstrong

The photo booth trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down—even Kim Kardashian and Kanye had a photo booth at their opulent Eupropean wedding. Cute props are essential sidekicks to any great photo booth and we love these speech bubbles spotted on weddingchicks.com. Fill out a few with silly phrases, but make sure to leave some blank so guests can create their own.

Bonus: Since ChalkInk markers are erasable, you won't have to create dozens and dozens of speech bubbles.

5. Guest Book Directions

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy Chalk Ink

Don't station one of your poor cousins at the guest book table to make sure everyone signs. Instead, let them enjoy the open bar while this teeny chalkboard sign does the heavy lifting.

6. Save the Sweetheart Table

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy WeddingChicks.com, Photographed by Aimee McAuley Photography

Make sure no one steals the bride and groom's seats by labeling them with "Mr." and "Mrs." chalkboard signs for the wedding (as seen on weddingchicks.com).

Want to up the cute factor? Use the bride and groom's pet names for each other.

7. Personalized Wedding Party Gifts (They Actually Want)

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy Chalk Ink

Real talk: no one wants a flask. Don't give your wedding party a gift that will gather dust. Instead, get them a S'well waterbottle with their name doodled across the front in erasable ChalkInk. Make the gift extra special by adding a list of all the things you love about your groomsman or bridesmaid.

8. Show Off Your Signature Cocktail

DIY Wedding Chalk
Credit: Courtesy Chalk Ink

Spruce up the bar (and save the bartender time from repeating the menu over and over) with a pretty chalkboard sign listing all the available libations.

9. Have Guests Label Their Drinks

​[tiImage img-pos="9" alt="Chalkboard cocktail labels" image_style="480xflex" align="left"]

Make sure no one loses their drink with this extra simple DIY we spotted on Linen, Lace, and Love: stick a heart-shaped chalkboard sticker on a glass and have a pile of ChalkInk pens handy for guests to write down their moniker.

10. DIY Extra Signage

​[tiImage img-pos="10" alt="Chalkboard signs" image_style="480xflex" align="left"]

Trust us: you'll need extra signage at your venue. Whether it points guests to the restrooms or displays your wedding hashtag, there's bound to be something that you'll need to directly illustrate on the big day. We love these patina-rich versions, made by painting vintage serving trays found at flea markets with chalkboard paint and lettering them with ChalkInk.