How To Create A Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece According To A Top Event Planner

With summer officially upon us, wedding season is in full swing, and if you're in the process of planning your own, then you know this is the best time of year to find endless inspiration for your upcoming nuptials. One important topic to address is flowers, which, if you ask any bride, is a major detail. Wedding flowers are not something to be taken lightly.

Unless you're a professional florist, then you are probably aware that putting together a floral arrangement isn't always as simple as it may seem. Whether you're planning your own wedding or have been assigned to flower duty in someone else's, then you may be freaking out a little bit. But fear not, dear reader. We met with event designer extraordinaire, Matthew Robbins, who gave us some expert tips on arranging a beautiful centerpiece with your own two hands.

Wedding - Flower Arrangement

"It can be intimidating," Robbins says of creating a centerpiece on your own. "Limit your color palette, try to use a family of color that sort of complements each other, or choose three tones," he suggests. Once you've chosen your flowers, the first thing you'll want to start with is the vase, which Robbins says will be the anchor of your arrangement. You'll also need foliage and an assortment of flowers of different sizes. He suggests starting with the largest flowers first and going down in size from there. Sounds easy enough!

Watch the video above for all of Robbins' best tips, and check out his Instagram for more wedding inspo!

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