By Marianne Mychaskiw
Apr 24, 2014 @ 1:16 pm

Each season, we look forward to the latest color lineup from Essie, but never have we related more to one of their collections than this one! For the brand's Too Taboo Neon range, founder and global creative director Essie Weingarten looked to one of our favorite weekend activities -- and we aren't talking about SoulCycle -- to inspire each of the 6 warm weather hues.

With a trend-driven shopping trip on the brain, Weingarten merged summer's staple neons with a super-pigmented formula that serve as a bold accent to just about any outfit. "Shopping is the kind of me-time that is just so addictive and fun," she says. "Is there anything more satisfying than finding that essential staple piece for this season's wardrobe? Get out there and treat yourself to something special, you deserve it!" It's almost like she's reading our minds! While some neon hues tend to be thin and slightly transparent, Essie's shades blend a mix of white pigments into the formula to amp up the bright shades, so you won't need to apply layer upon layer for maximum impact. Find the entire collection for $8.50 per bottle at now.

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