We Tried It: The Post-workout Product That'll Ease Sore Muscles

Workout wonder
Photo: Courtesy

Nothing kills the endorphin high of an intense workout like a body that’s too sore to get out of bed the next day, let alone make it to hot yoga. Mio, the same company behind the pregnancy skin-care line, Mama Mio, has created a line of products to address fitness-related beauty issues, like helping to ease the ache of too many squat jumps. The Wonder Workout Invigorating Muscle Gel ($33, mioskincare.com) claims “to pep-talk your muscles,” increase circulation, and speed muscle recovery to reduce soreness. All of which sounds great, so I decided to put it to the test after the workout that usually leaves me limping out of the gym and still sore two days later: leg day.

After 45 minutes of squats, lunges, and sprints, I smoothed the gel---which felt more like a cream---over my quadriceps and hamstrings. The sensory effect is instant with a gentle tingle that lingers even an hour or two after application. The strong spearmint smell was jarring at first, but this was a morning workout so I appreciated it for helping wake me up. Sort of like a fancier Bengay, Workout Wonder brought light relief to my tired legs. Think of it as a more comfortable version of an ice bath. The next morning, my muscles felt a little less tight than they usually do after this particular workout. It didn’t miraculously relieve all soreness (which I didn’t expect), but it definitely helped to lighten the pain load. Don’t count it out if you’re not a workout maven, though. It also was also great for soothing sore feet after a day in new heels.

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