We Tried It: Beyoncé's 22-Day Vegan Diet

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When we first got word that Beyoncé was partnering with her trainer Marco Borges to bring her plant-based diet program to the masses via home delivery, we had many questions: Is it edible? Good, even? Will there be enough food? Because 22 days is a long time, my friends. Well, we gave the program a whirl. Below are five things you need to know before ordering the meal plan.

1. It's insanely convenient.

One of the best parts of this program? The lack of need for meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping. The meals come perfectly packaged straight to your door (all deliveries are on a Friday though and need to be ordered the previous Wednesday, so plan accordingly) and are ready to eat immediately. Two thumbs up on the convenience factor---and they're also easily portable for throwing into a tote and bringing to work in the morning.

2. The portions are super generous: aka, you actually might be full after eating a meal.

One of our biggest concerns before trying her diet (after all, she did subside solely on a diet of cayenne pepper, lemon water, and maple syrup at one point) was, would we be starving the whole time? Not so much. The meals were surprisingly hearty and left us feeling completely satisfied on three meals a day. Bonus for caloric info displayed right on the label, so you're not left wondering how many calories you're consuming.

3. The program contains more carbs than we ever imagined it would.

From large portions of quinoa to berry muffins and oatmeal for breakfast, we were surprised (and thrilled) with the amount of carbohydrates allotted in the meal plan. So if you're scared you'll only be consuming celery for 22 days, fret not.

4. However, that morning coffee of yours must stop (yes, really).

One of the hardest things was subbing out our morning pick-me-up for a lesser thrilling version of hot lemon water. But hey, you can't win ’em all.

5. You'll feel lighter and have more energy.

After a mere four days on the plan, we started feeling lighter, more energetic, and---wait for it---cravings for lattes and afternoon chocolate shockingly subsided.

Now, on to the most important part: What's it gonna cost you? The price ranges between $9 to $15 per meal, depending on if you order one or all three meals per day, which is pretty affordable when compared to many meal delivery programs.

To find out more about the 22 Days Nutrition Program, click here.

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