We're The Millers Out Today: Jennifer Aniston and the Cast On Her Big Stripper Dance Scene

We're The Millers movie
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As stripper Rose in the comedy We’re the Millers (out today), even seasoned movie vet Jennifer Aniston wasn’t immune to some stage fright on set. The actress, who shot a steamy dance scene, dished to reporters at the New York premiere last Thursday that “learning the choreography was really fun and then going onto the set was a whole other story. I was like, ‘Oh gosh, there's cameras, there's people, there's, you know, crew members!’” Still, she rocked the number if her cast — including Jason Sudeikis and Kathryn Hahn — had anything to say about it. “It's easily in the top 100,” Sudeikis said of where her performance ranked in his career highlights. “She did her appropriate research, and I think it really shows!” Hahn added. We’re The Millers focuses on small-town drug dealer David Burke’s (Sudeikis) journey with his fake family (Aniston with Emma Roberts and Will Poulter as the pair’s children) to smuggle his supplier’s latest shipment across the border. The set was full of laughs, and Poulter raved that his pretend parents were great role models. “They're so experienced, and they're such great people, too. I learned a lot from them!” Catch We're The Millers in theaters now.

Plus, see Jennifer Aniston's best looks ever!

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— Alyssa Bailey

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