Credit: Vernon Merritt III/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

In junior high, we were all obsessed with the TV show Mod Squad. It featured three young, groovy juvenile delinquents who were recruited as undercover detectives to solve crimes. Peggy Lipton (above) played Julie, a young hippie runaway, and the only female on the squad. She was so cool. I fantasized about running away myself, but I didn’t have the guts.

Later, at 15, I did have the guts (and the naïveté) to take my parents' car without their knowledge and drop three under-age friends at the entrance to the Garden State Parkway so they could hitchhike to Florida. This didn’t turn out well, needless to say. The good news is they were taken into custody upon arrival, and their parents flew down to get them out of “juvie,” no worse for the experience. (Times were different then—hitchhiking was kind of normal.)

But back to Peggy Lipton. This photo could have been taken yesterday (except for the weird grape-like lamp in the background, which I cannot explain). Her quirky t-shirt still looks personal, arty, and cool. She could have ordered it on Etsy. Her fresh-faced beauty—freckles, beach hair—still appear effortlessly sexy. The fact that she is the mother of current cool-girl actresses, Rashida and Kidada Jones, just adds to her alluring legacy. She is still a knock-out.