We Ask Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, and More: Which Woman Inspires You?

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Tuesday night, L'Oreal hosted its annual Women of Worth Awards, and the brand's most beautiful (and worth it) stars came out to celebrate. Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, and Andie MacDowell arrived at the Pierre Hotel in New York City for the event, which honored 10 women tackling social issues like drug addiction and sex trafficking. With so many inspiring ladies in the same room, we couldn't help but wonder who inspires them. Keep reading to find out who they named.

Blake Lively

What woman in your life inspires you?My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids—she was superwoman, and she was never satisfied doing one thing, probably because she had too much energy.

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Eva Longoria

What woman in your life inspires you?I come from a big family of women, so I don't have to look very far, but definitely my mom and my aunts. Everybody who surrounded me was educated, independent, and smart. I remember thinking that was normal.

What did your mom teach you about beauty?My mom used to tell me to shave my legs with soap! Actually, she had one red L'Oreal lipstick that she used for everything and it was the only item she would buy. She used it for blush and on her lips, and I just remember the smell, so it's ironic that 20 years later I'm a spokesperson for L'Oreal!

Julianne Moore

Who did you look up to when you were young?My mother, honestly. She was married and had three kids before she was 25, but she still earned two masters degrees when I was in the eighth grade. She was really extraordinary.

Do your kids think you're a cool mom?That they do! They can take or leave the Oscars but the fact that I'm in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 was a big deal, and my daughter was very excited to meet Jennifer Lawrence.

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Andie MacDowell

Who makes you feel worth it?My kids, because any time I do something I'm proud of, it pertains to them.

You just finished filming Magic Mike XXL. Did your daughters think you were lucky to be working with Channing Tatum?Oh, yes! And I love all the guys, they're all gorgeous. I can't tell you anything, but I will tell you this: I was touching Joe [Manganiello]. Oh, man!

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