Watches Worth Celebrating


Each season we search for the perfect accessory. Piles of handbags from seasons past fill up our closets and we lovingly stare at our rows of shoes waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them. Yet, we often forget about the most timeless and simple way to make a statement: a watch. While other accessories get hidden under the table, watches, such as the ones in Baume et Mercier’s latest Promesse Collection, not only serve a timely function but also have the ability to complete a look that brings you front and center at every moment. True investment pieces that won’t go out of style.

So, whether it’s a job promotion, birthday or, heck, a good gym streak, wear your occasion on your sleeve and continue the celebration with a classic watch as a gift to yourself. Deep-seated with a history in women’s timepieces, Baume et Mercier’s Promesse is an ode to femininity. To you. Each is available in 30 or 34mm, but whether it’s mother-of-pearl, diamond details, two-tone touches or all black everything that catch your eye, one of the 14 styles are sure to make a lasting impression. One that will leave you with a little nostalgia for that one celebratory moment each time you look at your wrist.

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