Serena Williams, dancing queen?

Yes, you read that right. In her new ad for Delta Airlines the tennis champ flaunts a set of skills we rarely see on the court—tennis racket not required.

The ad, which corresponds to the airline's new slogan, "Whatever your dreams are, keep climbing," shows Williams boarding a plane, handing her tennis bag to a flight attendant and quickly falling into a deep sleep. The clip moves into the 34-year-old's dreams, which feature, much to our delight, a dance-off alongside celebrity choreographer Willdabeast Adams. With her crew of backup dancers behind her, Williams moves effortlessly from interpretive and modern dance routines into a rousing hip hop number that includes a seriously impressive twerking sequence. By the look of it, Beyoncé has definitely rubbed off on her!

Not long after Wiiliams wakes up, startled, and a flight attendant gives her a knowing look and a quick wink.

The Sports Illustrated 2015 Sportsperson of the Year teased the ad on her Twitter account Thursday, writing "Hey, I can keep up with @WilldaBeast__. In my dreams."

Work, girl!

Watch the ad in full above.