Scott Eastwood
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Scott Eastwood has had an incredible few years. After busting onto the scene with his steamy role in The Longest Ride, he played Taylor Swift’s heartthrob in her music video for “Wildest Dreams” and landed roles in the highly anticipated films, Suicide Squad and Overdrive. But Eastwood knows that he’s not done growing, both as an actor and a person.

The star may be working long hours on the set of his action film Overdrive, but he’s made a choice to use his few free hours in the best way. Eastwood shared a video to Instagram of his new hobby with an inspiring caption to his fans to never stop learning.

“Time spent sitting in the car is time you can either just waste or you can get out there and learn something. I encourage everyone I know to never stop growing. Just cause you might be out of school, learning never stops. Be a student of this earth. Pick up a new book, learn a new language, play an instrument, take a new class, learn a new skill, travel to the unknown. Help someone in need. Live a full life,” the actor wrote.

In the video, Eastwood cautiously but successfully plays a Metallica song on the guitar, courtesy of his friend Scott Mortensen. Look out world, this actor might soon be starring in music videos of his own.