By Jonathan Borge
May 31, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

Christian Louboutin stilettos, booties, sneakers, and brogues are clearly made for more than just walking. The Parisian accessories house just released its fall 2016 campaign video and the results effectively prove that ballerinas are by far among the most athletic batch there is.

Starring Blanca Li, a dancer and respected choreographer, the minutes-long clip finds a squad of hip shakers twirling about the dance studio in a selection of Louboutin favorites as Li, their instructor, whips them into shape. The campaign was inspired by A Chorus Line, in which eager dancers try out to land a spot on stage, and it isn’t the first time the accessories house has teamed up with Li. Back in 2015, the designer’s shoes graced the feet of Li’s Robot dancers when they performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

“The secret is to let things come the way they do naturally, with no strains or limits … and then let’s see. But the number one rule is, ‘Let’s have fun!’” Louboutin said of his work with Li in a statement. Fun surely was the M.O. behind the new video, where the team gyrates so hard, one member even manages to pass out on the floor.

Credit: Courtesy
Credit: Courtesy

Watch the full clip and images from the lookbook above.